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Luke Shipley
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At Zinc, how we handle authentication and authorisation is important to us. This is why we're excited to announce that you can now use single sign-on with your Zinc account. Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication scheme that allows users to access multiple applications with one set of credentials.

Choose from three single sign-on options:

If you're interested in adding single sign-on to your account, please contact your account manager to understand the process.

How to set up Azure single sign-on

To integrate Azure single-sign-on, there are five key steps:

  1. Register an application. An application acts as the container for settings and secrets for the integration.
  2. Create a client Secret. The Client Secret is like a password that Zinc can show to identify itself with AAD.
  3. Set permissions. Once a user has signed on through the AAD integration, Zinc performs special actions on a user's behalf.
  4. Set up a test user. To verify the integration is working, we'll set up a test user to ensure the configuration is correct.
  5. Securely send details to Zinc. For the integration to work, it requires action from both sides. In this final step, you'll provide us with the details that allow us to set up the integration from our end.

Once switched on, this will force company members to use the SSO login method you've chosen when logging into the company account. If SSO is switched on and you already have a company account login, this will be migrated to SSO, so please let your other team members know if you switch this on. They will need to start logging in with your SSO provider.

What is single sign-on?

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication scheme that allows users to log-in with one set of credentials and be authenticated across multiple applications. SSO is centralised access control that reduces the number of passwords a user has to remember and manage. It also eliminates the need for users to log in to each application individually.

Most importantly, SSO provides a single point of control for administrators. This means that you can add, delete, and modify users in one place, and those changes will be reflected across all applications that use SSO. This is a huge time-saver for busy teams. And, because administrators have more control over user accounts, it increases security and compliance.

For any questions, please contact your account manager or our support team at contact@zincwork.com.

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