Don't let outlier references ruin your checks: accept one less

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Luke Shipley
December 22, 2023
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You can now tell Zinc that you’d accept 1 less reference to speed up your checks. Set Zinc to push reports to complete if your last reference has been delayed.

Jess, Rob, Kianna and Ben have been speaking to Zinc customers and researching how to make your checks faster. Over time, they heard about a funny hack that kept cropping up. Savvy Zinc users would add an 1 extra to their reference requirements. They’d do this since most come back really fast, but a small number would be painfully slow. They might be slow due to a referee no longer having access to an email or the candidate has made a typo. With the extra one reference requested, the criteria was met faster - a clever hack. But this meant our notifications wouldn’t work for you, without knowing your real criteria.

Regulations and References

We knew regulators like the FCA and CQC don’t penalise you for missing 1 reference. Especially if you have a Zinc report that shows we’ve attempted to collect it. Further research revealed to Jess, Rob, Kianna and Ben that actually most Zinc users would accept 1 less reference.

Anyone that’s had to put up with legacy checking products, knows this is common practice. In fact, not getting many references back at all is quite normal. That’s unacceptable to us, but we will now offer the flexibility for you to accept 1 less.

With our new: Accept 1 less feature, we will attempt to collect the final reference, but as soon as the minimum requirement has been met, we’ll push the report to complete for you. We’ll still continue to chase the last reference with automated chasers for up to 5 weeks, as we always do. But we won’t keep you waiting when there’s just one remaining.

If you have a number of years requirement, we will accept 1 less year in references for you, priotritising the most recent years. Again, we’ll keep chasing for it, but we’ll push the report to complete if just 1 year is missing.

How to turn ‘Accept 1 less’ referencing on:

For an existing package:

  • Navigate to 'Packages.'
  • Click 'Customise Checks.'
  • Scroll to the 'References' section.
  • Click on the accept 1 less toggle.

Once these two are on, you have: Accept 1 less referencing turned on for your package. Please note this will be default on for all newly created packages so there’s no action required.

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