Technical partnership
Team up with Zinc to deliver leading global background checking to your customers. Our technical partnerships are carefully designed to ensure you, and your customers, receive innovative industry leading background checking technology at your fingertips.
Affiliate partnership
Our affiliate partner program allows partners to earn commission and discounts when referring prospective customers to Zinc, all while empowering your customers to make industry leading, global background checking more accessible than ever.
Reselling partnership
Supercharge your product capabilities with Zinc! Create new revenue through a custom integration, and white labelling Zinc's industry leading global background checking solution.
Earn commission
Earn commissions by promoting Zinc to your customers using a custom referral link. It’s free to join and you'll be compensated once a deal closes.
Partner marketplace
Offer a special discount on your products to Zinc’s customers, and promote yourself on Zinc in front of prospects across a range of industries.
Access global checks
Build a custom integration to seamlessly enable your customers to perform a range of industry leading background checks globally.
Unlock expert support
Bring the best to your customers with Zinc training to ensure they stay up to date with industry standards around the world.

Integrate with Zinc through our Open API

Our open API is available to partners and customers. Use it to fully integrate background checking into your product and expand your capabilities globally.

For access to the API documentation just click the link below.

Become a partner

Sign up
Become a partner by submitting the partner form. State the types of organisation you typically work with and we will let you know if the partnership is a good match.
Receive training
Receive free training from Zinc’s team on industry standards and best practice. We’ll put you in a position to help your clients best navigate the background checking space.
Get certified
Complete a questionnaire to receive Zinc's accreditation. Display a digital certificate to prove your knowledge on the topic of background checks.

Zinc integrates with 14+ HR tools

Create a seamless workflow for your HR team with one-click check requests that save time and provide the insights you need in one place.
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