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We're an all-in-one employment background checking software that supercharges the capabilities of ambitious HR and hiring teams.

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Automated, fast and global background checks

Save 90 minutes
per employee
Turn weeks of manual checks into an automated, one click process. Request checks directly from your ATS.
Screening takes days,
not weeks
Candidates start jobs faster with Zinc. The average check turnaround time is 3 days.
Elevate your candidate's
Applicants rate Zinc 4.8 out of 5. Give candidates an experience that reflects your employer brand.
Why Zinc?
Scale your checking power
Our all-in-one software seamlessly integrates with your existing ATS and provides completely customisable background and reference checks.
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Why Zinc?
Build brilliant candidate experiences
Keep candidates in the know with a transparent process and total data ownership. You’ll both see the status of each check in real-time. Enable them to keep checking data for the future or simply delete it.
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Why Zinc?
100% compliance... globally
Run global, cross-border checks in 200 countries that are completely safe and meet the highest compliance standards.

Zinc integrates with 14+ HR tools

Create a seamless workflow for your HR team with one-click check requests that save time and provide the insights you need in one place.
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our checks
Checks for every type of growing business
Our range of 12 off-the-shelf background checks are a simple and easy starting point for HR teams.

Loved by the world's best scale-ups

“I can’t fault Zinc really, for me it’s been a seamless process even with changing the integrations from Workable to Greenhouse it’s been easy. As a team when it comes to the process we don’t even have to think about it really, which is a good thing.”

Philip Stephens

People Operations Specialist

“Zinc is coming up with new ways to improve the experience such as allowing the HMRC check to be able to be completed alongside regulatory references, a game changer when ensuring that a candidate's work history is accounted for. All in all, a great experience so far!”

Claire Jackson

Compliance Coordinator

“The Zinc team comes with ideas that brings it to the next level. I really appreciate that there is a willingness to develop and make changes. It's quick and it just happens. It's so difficult to find other partners that have that have that same mindset. For me that's the most important thing that you actually want to hear what we're saying and adapt to our ways of thinking.”

Marlen Gfrörer

Staff Onboarding

“I needed something that I could rely on to do thorough background checks. You can't cut corners on recruitment in education. If you can't do the safeguarding at recruitment, then you're letting unsafe people into the organisation. I needed something that I could depend on, and I’m 100% confident Zinc is that.”

Alex Pazik

Safeguarding Manager

We have been using Zinc for nearly 2 years now and it has made a world of difference with our onboarding. Zinc saves us a huge amount of time, takes the admin off our team along with having all the references in one place. We can click a button and everything is done for us, we will never go back to manual reference checking”

Craig McElroy

Talent Acquisition Manager

“Being FCA regulated we have no room for error with our checks. Zinc is our go-to for DBS & RTW checks with lightning fast turn-around times, zero admin, and maintaining a best in class candidate experience”

Smitha Sanjeev

People Operations

“Zinc is brilliant! It takes a big burden off us by handling reference follow-ups and chasing. Plus, the integration with PinPoint works great! It’s simple and easy to use for new hires and employers alike, and the chat is really useful too. Being 100% compliant with our client’s background verification requirements gives me peace of mind and keeps us feeling on top of our game!”

Swetha Sundaram

Head of HR

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