Criminal record check process

Step 1
Candidates select their residency. Results are filtered to only show the fields required for that region— in accordance with the unique requirements of the country's governing body.
Step 2
After the candidate submits their information and accepts consent, their details are sent to the respective body for review.
Step 3
Check time durations vary per country, but Zinc's automated, secure process ensures the safest transfer of data with the fastest turnaround time for your criminal record check.
Unique feature
Conduct criminal record checks globally
Get accurate results, fast and make confident hiring decisions.
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The team of 16 recruiters is extremely happy with Zinc. Having these checks done and back within less than 24 hours is amazing.
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check features
Automated checks
Simple and secure criminal checks, helping you make safer hiring decisions.
ATS integrations
Request checks in seconds using Zinc’s seamless ATS integrations.
Global coverage
Zinc handles global complexity, checking your candidate's wherever they work.
Tailored packages
Curate a checking package for specific countries or regulation. Or have one globally consistent range of checks.
Simple and secure
Simple and secure checks, helping you make safer hiring decisions.
Elevated experiences
Custom brand your candidate's flows and choose light or dark mode. Candidate's can easily submit checks from any device.
Fully compliant with Global & EU law.
Tier 1 registered with the ICO.
Direct ATS integrations. Get in touch and we'll set you up for free.
Instant live chat support from the Zinc team around the clock.
Robust service that's relied upon by regulated businesses globally.

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