Why conduct reference checks?

Employment reference checks are important for compliance, ensuring the accuracy of a candidate's resume, a with employment reference checks. References provide insight into a candidate's past work experience, performance, and reliability which protects your company from making a bad hire and ensure a smooth onboarding process. You can simply conduct a date veritifcation reference for compliance or a professional reference by verifying a candidate's credentials and values align with your company.

Unique feature
Tailored to your specific needs
Zinc's referencing solution is fully customisable. Whether you want to conduct a number of years for compliance reasons, request a number of references, or tailor your reference check questions to obtain qualitative information for onboarding, everything is tailored to your specific needs.
Detailed reports
View detailed reports
Zinc gives you detailed reports, giving you all the information you need to have a smooth onboarding process for your candidates.
Unique feature
Lightning fast checks
Reference checks are easy to request by candidates and easy to complete by referees. No more delays waiting for your candidates to start. Checks come back quickly with this frictionless process.

Zinc seamlessly integrates with your HR tools

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The team of 16 recruiters is extremely happy with Zinc. Having these checks done and back within less than 24 hours is amazing.
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Explore our features

check features
Automated checks
Simple and secure address checks, helping you make safer hiring decisions.
ATS integrations
Request checks in seconds using Zinc’s seamless ATS integrations.
Global coverage
Zinc handles global complexity, checking your candidate's wherever they work.
Tailored packages
Curate a checking package for specific countries or regulation. Or have one globally consistent range of checks.
Simple and secure
Simple and secure checks, helping you make safer hiring decisions.
Elevated experiences
Custom brand your candidate's flows and choose light or dark mode. Candidate's can easily submit checks from any device.
Fully compliant with Global & EU law.
Tier 1 registered with the ICO.
Direct ATS integrations. Get in touch and we'll set you up for free.
Instant live chat support from the Zinc team around the clock.
Robust service that's relied upon by regulated businesses globally.

Reference check process

Step 1
Depending on your requirements, applicants submit employment and/or professional reference details.
Step 2
Zinc collects and validates the reference information through automated emails and texts.
Step 3
Once complete, receive reference check notifications sent to your inbox and ATS.


Can your software integrate with our existing ATS or HRIS platforms for seamless processing of reference checks?

Yes, our employee background screening software can integrate with your existing ATS or HRIS platforms. We currently integrate with over 14 ATS platforms such as Greenhouse, Workday, and Workable, for seamless processing of reference checks. You find find the integrations here: https://zincwork.com/integrations

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Still have questions? Check the help center or email us at contact@zincwork.com

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