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Gabriella Scott-Lister
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We're excited to announce a major update to Zinc that enhances the way you manage roles, permissions, and collaboration within your teams. Our latest feature introduces updated government grade user permissions providing you with more flexibility and control over who can do what in your Zinc account. This update is designed to streamline your workflow, improve collaboration, and ensure that users have the right level of access to carry out their tasks effectively.

Understanding User Roles

We now offer three distinct user access levels, each tailored to specific roles within your organisation:

1. Admins

Admins have full access to your Zinc account, allowing them to oversee and manage all aspects of your company settings. This includes viewing and editing company settings, setting up integrations, and managing billing information. Admins can also add or remove members, as well as create and edit groups and packages. With this level of access, Admins have a comprehensive view of check packages and requests, regardless of their assigned groups.

2. Recruiters

Recruiters possess the capability to create packages, initiate, edit, and cancel checks, as well as action reports. This ensures a focused and efficient workflow for recruiting teams.

3. Viewers

Viewers can take action on individual reports and receive notifications for shared requests. Their visibility is restricted to the request page where they can see requests from packages they are subscribed to.

See the full permissions set table in our knowledge base article.


Managing roles and permissions

Creating your view of Zinc

In addition to being able to grant the correct access to your account, you told us that it was difficult to see the checks that you really wanted to focus on. So we’ve added some additional filtering options:

  • Group (if you’re in multiple or an admin)
  • Requested by
  • Additional requested date options such as ‘last 2 weeks’, ‘last 30 days’

Updating your team's roles

Changing a team member's role is now a straightforward process:

  1. Navigate to Company Settings > Team.
  2. Locate the team member's name in the list and click on the role menu to make changes.
  3. Changes take effect immediately

Removing a user’s access is as simple and instant as adding one:

  1. Navigate to Company Settings > Team.
  2. Locate the team member's name in the list and click on the three horizontal circles to and select delete user. This is available for activated users and invitations
  3. Changes take effect immediately

We’ve also made it easier to return to the view that you want to see, by enabling you to save set up filters and then add a bookmark to your browser.

What’s the difference between the old recruiter and the new recruiter role?

The new recruiter role can do everything the old recruiter role could do, but can also create and edit packages. This allows you to setup Zinc with more control over what each team member does and removes need for for lots of Admins.

What’s the difference between a viewer and an old recruiter?

The only difference is the name. As a viewer, you can action individual reports and receive notifications for shared requests.

If you run into any issues, feel free to reach out to your account manager, connect via live chat, or drop us an email at for assistance. We're here to help!

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