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Luke Shipley
July 4, 2023
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As a global People team, ensuring compliance with local laws regarding the checking and acceptance of right-to-work documents presents numerous challenges. Keeping up with the specific requirements of each country becomes exceedingly difficult without a sizable People function dedicated to this task.

Checking passports and visas in person is a complex and meticulous task that demands resources and time. On the other hand, attempting the same task over a video call is not just difficult but also fraught with security risks. The possibility of not catching erroneous or fraudulent documents is significantly higher, making it a less reliable method.

This is proven by more governments following the UK government’s move to not just encourage the use of identity verification technology but to enforce it like the UK. Governments have moved in this direction because there’s now an undeniable amount of evidence that technology is much better suited to checking identity documents than humans.

Zinc’s global right-to-work feature

In response to the complex and evolving landscape of right-to-work document verification, Zinc has introduced an innovative solution—the first reusable global right-to-work product. This product sets itself apart from any other existing offerings by providing a seamless experience for conducting right-to-work checks, regardless of the candidate's location.

With Zinc's product, you can simply activate the right-to-work check feature and freely utilise it for candidates working globally. There is no need to specify the candidate's work location initially, as Zinc's technology takes care of determining the appropriate requirements based on local laws. By leveraging Zinc, you can ensure that your candidates have the necessary authorisation to work in accordance with the specific regulations of their respective countries.

Additional benefits, improving the candidate experience

For the first time ever candidates keep proof of their right-to-work being verified on their Zinc profile. This means the applicant gets value out of the process too, it’s not just an annoying admin process. Your employees can use this proof of right-to-work in other walks of life like access to financial services, proof of right to rent or their next job. It’s a quick, simple and impressive first impression for your new joiner.

How to get started with global right-to-work checks on Zinc

To turn on the check, head to your packages page in your Zinc account: Click on an existing package or click the “Create new package” button. From the toggles, switch on the right-to-work toggle. 

Once you have toggled the check on, you are ready to go! You do not have to specify a country the candidate has lived in, Zinc will work this out for you. We will handle checks in 190 countries globally for you.

After you send out the request, the candidate will be asked to provide consent to start. Zinc will verify passports and identity cards are authentic for you. When the candidate is using a visa, we will flag this for your additional inspection to ensure the visa restrictions still make the applicant eligible for the role. 

Your candidate reports will display if your candidate has the right-to-work in a given country. You will see the nationality, document expiry date, document type. You’ll be able to download the documents from the web report or they’ll be automatically attached to your PDF report.

Head to your Packages page to try the checks today. Or reach out to your account manager for more information.

Next steps

Verifying an individual's right-to-work has never been more crucial yet also more complex. Amid the various legal requirements and inherent risks of manual checks, Zinc's reusable global right-to-work product emerges as a fitting solution for modern, compliant international employers.

With Zinc, the process of right-to-work checks becomes simpler, more reliable, and efficient whilst ensuring a more pleasant experience for your candidates. It represents a significant step forward in managing global compliance whilst enhancing the candidate experience.

Head to the packages page on your Zinc account to start utilising this feature, or contact your account manager for more assistance. For further enquiries, our sales team is more than happy to assist you

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