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Gabriella Scott-Lister
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The first education verification solution that uses advanced machine learning technology to confirm certificates

Zinc has built the first instant education and qualification checking solution. This means you can verify the content of any form of education, qualification globally in seconds. This takes on average 4 weeks to complete in the traditional way, which is extremely painful for you and your candidates. The process is now painless, takes just a few seconds and the candidate gets to keep the data. 

Zinc uses advanced character recognition technology to study qualification documents and collect the text on them. Layered with language analysis the candidates' responses are compared with the certificate text to return you an instant result.

How to Activate this Feature: For new Zinc packages including education checks, certificate verification is automatically enabled, with institution verification defaulted to be turned on as a secondary option. If you're creating a new package and you’re satisfied with these settings, no action is needed on your part.

To transition older packages, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to 'Packages.'
  • Click 'Customize Checks.'
  • Scroll to the 'Qualification' section.
  • Select 'Certificate Matching.'

Verifying with the institution as the default response to mismatches

In case of discrepancies between the certificate and candidate-provided information, you have the power to choose your next steps. By default, the certificate will be attempted to be matched with the institution. It is important to note that when both checks are required to be run they will be charged as two checks. If you prefer to manually review mismatched certificates, you can deactivate the defaulted automatic institution verification.

Will my candidate’s experience change?

Your candidates will experience the same streamlined process for submitting their information. With the added benefit of quicker onboarding, the candidate experience remains unchanged.

What if the candidate doesn’t have a certificate?

Candidates who don’t have certificates are able to skip the certificate upload step so they can submit their responses to you quickly. This remains unchanged from the current process.

Zinc's Instant Global Qualification Certificate Check is a game-changer in education and qualification verification. Fast, accurate, and hassle-free, it's the future of certificate validation.To find out more see our knowledge base article or contact your account manager.

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