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Organisations that want to increase efficiency, productivity, and accuracy in their human resources processes can benefit from integrating the right tools and technology. Workday is a cloud-based software system that provides a unified HR platform with many features. It integrates with some of the most powerful HR software on the market and allows users to access real-time insights to facilitate better decision-making.

Access to a single data source across all aspects of their HR process makes making decisions that drive business success easier. 

This blog post will explore some of the best Workday integrations available today, including how they work and why they're beneficial for your HR stack.

What is Workday?

Workday software is a comprehensive tool for managing employee data, but its true potential is unlocked when it integrates with other HR applications.

Integrating Workday with other HR applications can streamline processes, enabling organisations to create efficient, simplified user experiences across the entire HR stack. By integrating Workday with applications like performance management and payroll systems, organisations can benefit from the accessibility and scalability of cloud-based solutions. 

This allows for customisable reporting capabilities and improved data sharing and visibility, saving time and centralising information into one cohesive platform. Ultimately, making this strategic investment in excellent integrations will allow companies to build a comprehensive system for their staff that is well-adapted to their ever-evolving needs.

Why integrate existing tools with Workday?

Integrating existing tools with Workday is beneficial as it helps companies to create a streamlined and efficient HR stack. By combining different tools, organisations can leverage the power of cloud-based software that eliminates many manual processes–making managing and maintaining employee data easier.

Benefits include:

  • Boosting efficiency and streamlining processes.
  • Save time and money with cost-effective solutions that replace expensive, bespoke integrations.
  • Automate time-consuming manual data entry, ensuring accuracy and consistency of employee records across all systems.
  • Connect to applications instantly with pre-built connectors for popular HCM, CRM, and financial applications, saving valuable resources.
  • Simplify data migration and simplify employee management by having a single view of employee data across multiple systems.
  • Give yourself a competitive edge in the fight for talent by optimising recruiting, onboarding, and retention efforts through custom mobile applications.

Integrations: the essentials

Workday and External HCM Software

Tools include: UKG, SAP, Ceridian Dayforce

By linking external HCM systems to Workday, companies have a comprehensive way of managing their staff. This convenient integration provides the ability to keep tabs on payroll and employee timesheets, freeing up HR teams for creative tasks like employee morale-boosting initiatives or developing training and courses to encourage career growth. 

Furthermore, by accessing work performance metrics from different sources compiled on one platform, employers can make informed decisions about staffing needs without sifting through cumbersome paperwork. This connectivity between Workday and other HR management tools gives greater control over managing human resources more effectively and efficiently.

Workday and Learning Development and Management Tools 

Tools include: LinkedIn Learning, Google Learning

Integrating Learning Development and Management tools like LinkedIn Learning and Google Learning with Workday can open up immense possibilities. Companies can leverage these tools to streamline the employee onboarding process, ensuring that new hires have a quicker learning curve and can comfortably adapt to their new work environment. 

Not only does this save the company resources from having to manually guide each employee through onboarding, but it also reinforces a stronger foundation for skill development throughout an employee’s tenure at the company. 

Onboarding isn’t only about training, establishing relations with colleagues, and understanding organisational goals. Utilising Learning Development and Management tools as part of the Workday ecosystem can optimise onboarding and impact organisation-wide education initiatives.

Workday and background-checking software

Tools software includes: Zinc

Background-checking software such as Zinc integrates with Workday and offers a streamlined way to conduct comprehensive, global background checks on prospective employees. This helps maintain workplace safety while providing a positive candidate experience for all future employees. With the Workday integration, everything is stored within the platform, making it secure and easy to uncover when needed. 

This means organisations can save time and resources, preventing unexpected delays during onboarding processes. 

Workday and Timekeeping Software 

Tools include: UKG, Oracle HCM Workforce

Timekeeping software like UKG and Oracle HCM Workforce provides a comprehensive solution for employees and managers. With the ability to manage hourly labour tracking, overtime, and time off in an automated fashion, users have access to accurate data which can be used across departments. 

By integrating with Workday, you also benefit from having consolidated data in one place. This eliminates manual entry and provides quick access to insights such as hours worked, absenteeism rates, and total payroll costs. 

Businesses no longer need to rely on multiple systems or paper-based processes to measure employee performance - Workday-enabled timekeeping is the way of the future!

Workday and Payroll Management Tools 

Software options include: ADP Workforce and HRSoft

Payroll management tools like ADP Workforce and HRSoft integrate with Workday to make it easier for companies to manage employee salary, bonuses and deductions. This integration gives employers the ability to set up payroll in a fast and efficient way without having to input individual payslips manually. 

Additionally, these systems ensure accuracy throughout payroll by automatically double-checking data entry for mistakes. By using these advanced technologies to manage and track payroll each month, employers can be sure that their employees are being paid accurately and on time.

Final thoughts

By integrating existing applications with Workday, businesses can establish a bridge between legacy and modern systems that ultimately improve the efficiency of their HR processes. Integrations reduce manual data entry errors while helping accelerate employee onboarding and offboarding. 

It captures data consistently across organisational silos, reducing time-consuming upkeep, streamlining process execution, improving data accuracy, and reducing IT strain. 

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