Global Instant Verification: making your references more robust

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Zinc Team
January 23, 2024
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Get instant employment verification globally.

After successfully launching the UK’s first instant employment verification check that pulls employment data directly from government systems (HMRC), Zinc has expanded instant employment verification to cover over 60% of our candidates across a growing number of countries.

With Global Instant Verification, you can get up to 5 years of employment history verification in seconds.

The Process

Zinc simply asks your candidate to state their country of residence to figure out which Employment Verification path is right for them.

Once they’ve done that, all they need to do is login or create an account on the relevant government site. Zinc’s integration takes the employment dates and salary data (if required) and instantly uploads it to your candidate report. The most seamless and efficient way to get references, the process only takes a few seconds.

Candidate journey

To switch this on, all you need to do is to select the Employment Verification as the type of reference in your Package Editor.

Package Editor

What does this mean for me as a recruiter?

Verifying against payroll data means that you’ll be able to check candidates’ employment history in the most accurate and reliable way. This removes any risk of reference fraud, and makes sure you’ll continue to stay compliant and meet your business’s needs.

Our platform is built with candidates in mind. Not only is the process quick and easy, they’ll also get to keep their data. With the process only taking seconds, we’ll ensure that your candidates have the best user experience and a smooth onboarding process.

Viewing results on the report page

A complete view of the Global Instant Verification result card

Say goodbye to manual references. With Zinc’s global instant verification, you’ll be able to verify candidates’ employment history accurately without worrying about chasing referees.

Remove human error from the process, messy PDF’s and error prone copying from documents.

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