Get Employment Verification references from HMRC in seconds

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Luke Shipley
August 25, 2023
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The first employment reference solution that pulls data directly from HMRC.

Zinc has built the first Employment reference solution that’s integrated with HMRC. This means you can get up to 5 years employment history verification in seconds. 

The process

With the first ever HMRC integrated solution, Zinc just asks your candidate to login or create an account on government gateway site. Typically taking just a few seconds and that’s it. Zinc’s integration takes the employment dates and salary data (if required) and instantly uploads it to your candidate report. The process is now painless, takes just a few seconds and the candidate gets to keep the data.

Customising your preferences on the Package Editor

The employment reference data is pulled from payroll dates so is the most accurate and reliable source for employment data. Going straight to the government database removes any risk of reference fraud. Fraud such as getting friends to vouch for your candidates employment dates, or paid for shell company services who will vouch as referees. Companies have been losing the battle against these fraudulent reference processes.

Zinc’s government integration is the first full proof way to get reliable employment data to know when and where your candidate worked. And check those compliance checkboxes to remove any risk with your companies regulator. 

Viewing results on the report page
A complete view of the Employment Verification result card

Traditional references take on average 3 weeks to complete, typically involving lots of chasing of companies HR departments. Even worse, it involves passing personal data such as National Insurance numbers and DOB’s in email chains of group inboxes. Which is not the way any of us would like our personal data to be treated. It is extremely painful for your candidates having to go back and forth on these email chains. All whilst you’re still waiting to confirm the candidates start date. 

Remove human error from the process, messy PDF’s and error prone copying from documents with Zinc’s solution that pulls data directly from the government database.

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