Unified referencing: combining Employment & Professional referencing

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Luke Shipley
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Combine employment verification through government integrations, with traditional professional referencing that makes your checks more powerful than ever. Introducing - Unified referencing.

Why you fell out of love with referencing

Sadly, Referencing has fallen from grace. Today, it’s begrudgingly conducted by teams that don’t really believe in it. HR and Compliance teams used to trust employment verification references. But with shell companies so accessible, emails that can be spoofed. And in an AI world, documents are so easy to fake. You simply cannot accept PDF’s over email for employment verification, it’s irresponsible.

The process is flawed. Yet, Referencing remains the most popular form of background check to conduct across Europe. It’s got so much potential that we just can’t let it go.

The breakthrough

Zinc has developed a new formula for referencing. In September 2023, we launched, fully fraud proof employment verification references via government integrations (HMRC). This completely removes the risk of accepting PDF’s over email. Better still, the data is instant.

Since adding these government integrations to our Employment verification product, we have had an increasing number of customers who would like to turn it on but don’t want to give up the Professional referencing on Zinc.

Your Solution: unified referencing

With the release of this powerful addition to an old favourite, select multiple reference types and run them alongside each other on 1 candidate for deeper verification.

  • Mix year and number of references requirements
  • Customise questions required for each reference type

Referencing for all stakeholders

  • Impress hiring managers: obtain a deeper understanding of a candidate's abilities, work style and provide your hiring manager with onboarding advice. Tailor assessments based on the specific requirements of the position and the unique circumstances of the role.
  • Keep HR & Compliance happy: Finally a solution to verify employment data that you can share with HR and compliance in good faith, knowing it cannot be faked.

Embrace the new flexibility offered by Zinc to optimise your reference checks and make more informed decisions when evaluating candidates. Stay compliant, ensure legal adherence, and build a strong foundation for your organisations success.

How to turn Unified referencing on:

For an existing package:

  • Navigate to 'Packages.'
  • Click 'Customize Checks.'
  • Scroll to the 'References' section.
  • Select the down arrow for ‘Professional references’ and your criteria.
  • Select the down arrow for ‘Employment Verification’ and your criteria.

Once these two are on, you have Unified referencing turned on for your package.

Your candidates journey

Your candidate will be asked to login to their government account (HMRC) and authorise Zinc to pull verified employment data in a single click. The candidate will then be redirected to nominate their professional referees.

Unified Referencing is a seminal moment, bringing together new forms of professional and employment verification references. This will be the renaissance of referencing. Setting the new standard for how referencing must be done. Turn Unified referencing today to ensure you’re ahead of the curve.

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