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October 27, 2023
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Custom Document Uploads for Self Certification Checks

We are excited to announce the release of a highly anticipated addition to our self certification check feature. With this new enhancement, recruiters using Zinc will now have the ability to request candidates to upload specific documents tailored to their unique requirements.

Do you need to collect a document in the onboarding process? But:

  • you don’t have a secure way to collect this document with personal data - your compliance team won’t accept you collecting over email.
  • you don’t want to introduce another platform to the new employee. Like a Google upload form.
  • you need a more sophisticated way to capture documents than over email since this doesn’t give a great first impression.
  • your struggling to keep track of whether you’ve captured those onboarding docs for each employee. Someone might easily slip through.

Why is this feature important?

When it comes to onboarding new employees, there are often specific documents that you need to collect to ensure compliance and streamline the hiring process. With our new custom document upload feature, your team can easily request candidates to provide necessary documents, such as professional membership certifications, P45 forms, driver license checks, new starter checklists, or payslips. This enhancement simplifies the document collection process, allowing you to receive all the required information in one centralised location.

Question-Based Upload Submission

Set a yes/no question to determine if a candidate is required to complete an upload submission. This way, you have control over which candidates are prompted to provide specific documents.

Requiring your candidates to complete an internal or specific form

Where you require candidates to complete a specific document, you can supply this as part of the set up. This will be supplied to candidates to download as they complete the check.

How do I start using custom document uploads?

This feature has been added to our self-certification check. You can now access the custom upload tool directly from the package editor.  You can only add this to an existing package. Either create a new package or edit an existing one.

Will Zinc verify the documents that I have requested?

This tool is designed as a responsive collection tool to reduce friction and provide greater flexibility to recruiters. It is not intended to verify documents.

Take advantage of this powerful feature to streamline your background check process, improve onboarding efficiency, and ensure compliance with industry and company-specific requirements.

To learn more about the new custom document upload feature, visit the knowledge base article or contact your account manager. Experience the benefits of Zinc today and elevate your background check processes to new heights.

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