Top 5 Hibob integrations for global teams

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Charlotte Hall
April 13, 2022
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Bob needs no introduction. But for those who haven't used it yet, bob HRIS is a people management platform that helps dynamic companies bring out the best in their employees. Their HR software is unique, intuitive, and smart. From onboarding to performance, surveys and compensation, bob has a whole suite of features so you can manage people and processes effectively. Bob also has a  that can help you to get the most out of your HRIS.

Here are our top picks from their marketplace:

Pento - payroll

Pento - Top 5 HiBob integrations for global teams

Run payroll like it’s 2022. With Pento you can forget spreadsheets and pay your employees in 3 easy steps. Payments run automatically, taxes are calculated instantly, and it's all fully connected to HMRC! Pento automates calculations, compliance, and payments. Oh and they’ve got great support.

Learn Amp

Learn Amp - Top 5 HiBob integrations

Learn Amp is a people development platform. They make it easy to develop happy and performing people through combining learning, engagement and performance management tools in one seamless platform. Unlike other learning platforms, Learn Amp is a combined Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Experience Platform (LXP). In short, they give you the best of both. We particularly like the pulse surveys and AI-driven, personalized recommendations for continual improvement.

Zinc - Automated reference and background checking.

If you need to implement background checking for the first time or find a global referencing and background checking solution that’s integrated with HiBob, Zinc can help. The HiBob integration with Zinc gives customers the ability to streamline their hiring workflow by seamlessly transferring reference and background checking candidate data from one platform to another. We offer 12 background checks (and growing!) and 12 ATS integrations if you’d like to automate the requesting of checks too.

Ledgy: Equity management

Top 5 HiBob integrations for global teams? Ledgy: Equity management

Scalable, always accurate, updated in real-time and legally compliant;  provides your shareholders and potential investors a centralised source of truth for all equity related information. Ledgy is the equity management platform built for growing companies. Get your cap table, employee participation plans and investor relations right, from the beginning.

You can invite investors into their own dashboard where you can model flexible funding scenarios, valuations and exits. Perfect for scaling businesses! On top of this you can empower your employees with their own dashboard of ownership to manage and exercise their options. Win-win.

ATS - Workable, Teamtailor, Lever & Greenhouse

There’s no doubt that bob has a wealth of great applicant tracking solutions so we’d be hard picked to choose just one so here’s a few to get your teeth into:

Workable: We use Workable ourselves so are a bit biased but it’s well-designed, easy-to-use and comes complete with great collaboration tools.

Teamtailor: easy to use interface, it’s so simple to use and pick up for new joiners! We particularly love the trigger functionality which means so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Greenhouse: Great for larger companies looking to scale. It has a wealth of partners in the marketplace too!

Lever: We love the reporting and great value for money!

What’s your favourite HiBob integration? Let us know and we’ll crowdsource any other popular options.

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