Top 7 Teamtailor integrations in 2021

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Luke Shipley
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We’ve been a partner for almost two years now, so we’ve seen the product and its offering evolve in recent years. It’s been great fun to watch. But I still remember the first time we looked at a Teamtailor account in 2019 and the initial excitement. Having spent more time in traditional enterprise Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS's), stumbling upon built-in triggers, subtle animations, shortcuts, and an intuitive UI was quite a marvel. It was love at first sight 😍

We knew that Teamtailor was a great match for Zinc.

We surveyed a group recently and found that Teamtailor’s interview stage triggered integrations were preferred over stage agnostic push-style integrations used by some other ATS’s. The prevailing point was the set and forget benefit. Integrations that have zero cognitive load, meaning you know they are just happening in the background.

It’s clear Teamtailor has invested heavily in its integrations and partner marketplace. There are plenty of awesome options you can plug into your hiring process. There were less than 10 options when we joined in 2019 and there’s over 50 today. Here are our top picks…

👩‍🌾 HRIS | HiBob

Hibob is a cloud-based HR & Benefits platform that helps businesses attract, manage and retain their people by providing a set of people management tools that nurture the employee through their life cycle. It differentiates by acting as an excellent data tool, delivering quick and relevant insights around people. As a more start-up friendly system, with enterprise-ready set of features.

Hibob: Top 7 Teamtailor integrations in 2021

If you don’t currently have any automation or integrations setup in your Teamtailor ATS then the above are a great place to start. You can save your team a serious amount of time by syncing your tools together so your systems are singing from the same hymn sheet. You can use Teamtailor’s HiBob integration to sync references and background checks to have these automatically recorded in your HRIS too.

📹 Video Interviews | EasyRecrue (acquired by iCims)

Sorting CVs is time-consuming and sometimes, if the scope of applicants is too strict, means a rare talent slips through the net. Enter EasyRecrue. helps you to broaden the field of possible applicants and select the most talented individuals by replacing telephone pre-screening with video interviews. Their Talent Experience Platform, including video interviewing and language assessments, allows you to optimise and digitalise your hiring.

EasyRecrue: Top 7 Teamtailor integrations in 2021

From the applicants’ point of view, it gives them the opportunity to stand out in terms of their personality (soft skills), ambition and motivation.

Their promise is to support HR professionals with a new approach to digital recruitment, allowing you to capitalise on the time and resources allocated to pre-screening while improving the quality of your recruitment.

🗣️ Referrals | GreatPeople

Turn referrals into your strategic hiring advantage with GreatPeople. GreatPeople is an employee referral platform and a referral engagement tool that wants you to love the referral process once again. This tool is perfect for building talent pools, internal mobility and referral recruiting with the help of your network.

Their solution is 50% employee referral platform and 50% referral marketing tool.

GreatPeople: Top 7 Teamtailor integrations in 2021

🧪 Technical testing | Codility

Codility is a fantastic marketplace for technical tests. It has an established system and a good depth of different tests that can be used globally.

Hiring engineers is a fast-paced race that everyone has joined at once. Their evidence-based platform helps hiring teams predict the real-life skills of their candidates, at scale. With out-of-the-box skills assessment for all technical roles from DevOps to Data Science, Frontend to Mobile, and across all seniority levels, Hiring Managers will be able to rank their candidates based on technical expertise, and qualify the right candidates to be hired.

Codility: Top 7 Teamtailor integrations in 2021

✨ Assessments | Equalture

We’ve heard good things about Equalture. They have a focus on removing bias from hiring and they have assessments across skills, personality and competencies.

Equalture’s data-driven hiring tool is on a mission to shape the world of unbiased hiring for SMBs. Their tool helps SMBs to hire the best-fit people by collecting unbiased data on both their teams and candidates to base their hiring decisions on.

Equalture: Top 7 Teamtailor integrations in 2021

Equalture leverages neuroscientific games to collect these insights and help you to find the best-fit candidate in three steps:

Step 1. Collect insights on the current team to reveal hiring needs. Use neuroscientific games to assess the current employees on skills, competencies and personality traits. This reveals team success predictors, skill gaps and cultural traits.

Step 2. Collect insights on candidates. Replace the traditional application form and introduce a revolutionary job application experience, in which candidates are asked to build up their Equalture Profile and complete a set of games right away.

Step 3. Hire the best-fit candidate who fits the hiring needs. Now that you have the candidate insights you are able to objectively assess their fit with your needs and culture right after they completed their application, easily focus your time and effort on the best-fit candidates.

😎 Employer Branding | Adway

Adway is a collection of individuals with a passion for technology, digital marketing and of course, the future of talent acquisition. They supply smart, innovative and cutting-edge solutions to help clients attract more and better talents. Their core belief is that companies thrive when the right people get together. Therefore, the most important thing is not to attract great talents, but the right talents - and that is exactly what Adway will help you achieve. Their software automatically produces and distributes attractive, selling and converting job-ads in large volume on social media and job boards. So that you can find your dream candidate.

Adway: Top 7 Teamtailor integrations in 2021

👩‍💻 Reference and background checking | Zinc

That’s us by the way, just in case you hadn’t realised where you’d landed. If you need to implement background checking for the first time or find a reference and background screening solution that’s automated in, Zinc can help.

So what do you think of our seven recommendations?

Do you have some better suggestions or want to shout out as a customer of these integrations and say how awesome they are?

What integrations will you be switching on this year...

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