Whitepaper: Navigating background checks in a regulated world

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Exploring the challenges and necessities in the financial sector, HR professionals must adapt to regulatory frameworks like GDPR and the upcoming Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). These regulations, aimed at enhancing operational resilience and data protection, significantly impact background checks and daily operations. A comparative analysis of GDPR and DORA highlights their implications, outlining DORA's five key pillars and offering practical steps for businesses to prepare for its enforcement.

Insights from
Hamraj Gulamali
Legal Counsel

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GDPR has reshaped HR practices in data protection and privacy for background checks. Similarly, DORA seeks to ensure digital operational resilience, affecting financial entities in both the UK and EU with its broad scope.

DORA's Framework

Five pillars aimed at enhancing ICT risk management, incident reporting, resilience testing, third-party risk, and information sharing to bolster cybersecurity and operational resilience across the financial sector.

Preparing for DORA

Recommendations include conducting a gap analysis, aligning business practices for resilience, and verifying that third-party ICT providers meet DORA's standards. These are essential for effectively navigating the regulatory environment.