Directorship checks

Peace of mind for legal compliance, risk mitigation, and conflict of interest identification.
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Why conduct a directorship check?

Conducting directorship checks is an essential part of the hiring process for leadership roles, ensuring legal compliance, mitigating risk, and identifying potential conflicts of interest. By assessing whether a candidate has been disqualified from directorial duties in the past, companies can avoid potential legal complications and protect their reputation. Additionally, these checks reveal if a candidate holds a directorship that could conflict with their responsibilities in the new role.

Unique feature
Thorough background checks, expert guidance
Vet potential candidates quickly and confidently using our powerful background checking tool, so you can feel secure in high-stakes situations. Streamline the process and save time with our easy-to-use system.
Detailed reports
View detailed reports
Zinc gives you detailed reports, giving you all the information you need to have a smooth onboarding process for your candidates.
Unique feature
Lightning fast checks
Check time durations vary per country, but Zinc's automated, secure process ensures the safest transfer of data with the fastest turnaround time for your criminal record check.

Zinc integrates with 14+ HR tools

Create a seamless workflow for your HR team with one-click check requests that save time and provide the insights you need in one place.
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The team of 16 recruiters is extremely happy with Zinc. Having these checks done and back within less than 24 hours is amazing.

Steve Jacobs
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Explore our features

Check features
Automated checks
Simple and secure directorship checks, helping you make safer hiring decisions.
ATS integrations
Request checks in seconds using Zinc’s seamless ATS integrations.
Global coverage
Zinc handles global complexity, checking your candidates wherever they work.
Tailored packages
Curate a checking package for specific countries or regulation. Or have one globally consistent range of checks.
Simple and secure
Simple and secure checks, helping you make safer hiring decisions.
Elevated experiences
Custom brand your candidate's flows and choose light or dark mode. Candidate's can easily submit checks from any device.
Fully compliant with Global & EU law.
Tier 1 registered with the ICO.
Direct ATS integrations. Get in touch and we'll set you up for free.
Instant live chat support from the Zinc team around the clock.
Robust service that's relied upon by regulated businesses globally.

Directorship screening process

Step 1
Toggle directorship checks "on" in your Zinc background check packages
Step 2
Zinc will run searches in 190 countries globally for any company registers - public and private.
Step 3
Candidate reports will display if your candidate holds any directorships or officer roles in a company. We will display the name, birth year and month and where possible include a link to the companies register.


How user-friendly is your software for both the recruiter and the candidate? Are there tutorials or customer support options available?

Our employee background check software provides a seamless experience for recruiters and candidates alike, with an intuitive interface and a range of support options, including tutorials and customer support. It's optimised for mobile devices, ensuring accessibility for users on-the-go.

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Does Zinc offer compliance support to help employers understand and adhere to local and international laws and regulations related to background checks?

Yes, Zinc provides compliance support to help employers understand and adhere to local and international laws and regulations related to background checks. Our team of experts stays up-to-date with changing laws and regulations, and we provide ongoing guidance to our customers to ensure they remain compliant.

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How does Zinc protect the privacy and confidentiality of personal information collected during the background check process?

Zinc takes data privacy and confidentiality very seriously. As an ISO27001-certified company, we use strict security measures to protect personal information collected during the background check process and comply with all applicable data protection laws and regulations. We also provide customers with secure online access to their background check reports, ensuring that personal information is only accessible to authorised personnel.

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