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Time is of the essence when recruiting top talent for your company. Recruitment is an increasingly competitive market and delays even by a few days can mean missing out on the best candidate. On average, it can take up to 3 working days for a recruiter to check a candidate’s references, stalling the hiring process.

Verifying someone’s employment history means getting in contact with people they have previously worked for. Traditionally, speaking to the right person took a lot of time and effort, particularly if you didn’t have a direct phone number or email for the referee. It was all too common for recruiters to be passed around from person to person before they could speak to the appropriate manager to collect the reference, and even then it might not be possible.

These inefficiencies are the reason why Zinc was created. We believe it’s possible for to be simpler, more transparent and deliver a better experience for all involved. We developed our to reduce time and effort for everyone. Zinc’s is designed to save you time and deliver , making your due diligence effortless.

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To collect a reference with Zinc, all recruiters need to do is enter in the candidate’s details - and this can be done via many top ATS's including , , , , , and . The candidate gets a notification via email and text to submit the contact details of referees in a simple form. The referees are then contacted and asked to complete a 2-stage verification, first to verify the candidate’s employment and then to answer some questions about the candidate’s approach to their work. All this can be done on a smartphone or laptop, whichever they find easiest.

The information collected with a Zinc reference can also help save time in the onboarding process. Our experts have that will elicit feedback about the candidate’s values, management preferences, and optimum work environments, delivering information that can speed up their journey from new joiner to high performer at the click of a button.

When you collect a reference or any other with Zinc, we do all the chasing for you, meaning you can get back to what matters—hiring the best for your company.

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