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Most hiring managers will say background screening is important to ensure they are hiring diligently. But they’d also tell you checking candidates takes a lot of time and effort, stalling that all-important time to hire. From not getting through to the right person to not getting useful data, to sending reminders (and having to remind themselves to send reminders!), checking candidates manually can be a source of frustration for all parties involved.

Changing the way we conduct background and reference checks

This is one of the problems Zinc was designed to solve. Reference and background checks have long been part of the hiring process, but that doesn’t mean the way we collect them has to be the same. Even referencing by email has its drawbacks with information being lost in long chains, a practice that is more at risk of falling foul of GDPR. If you're working in regulated domains such as, finance, and, you're legally required to conduct checks to ensure you're compliant.

Saving time through automated processes

Zinc’s automated reference and background checking solution saves you hours of time and delivers valuable candidate insights, making your due diligence effortless. All recruiters need to do is send a request to the candidate and then Zinc does the rest, including automated reminders to candidates and referees. These reminders are sent both via email and text to ensure your candidates and their referees don’t miss the request. As Zinc can be used on any device, it’s simple for  and referees to complete the process, wherever they are in the world.

Requests for references and other background checks such as global sanctions or criminal record checks can be triggered at the click of a button from the Zinc app or through your ATS. Not only that, your checks are all in one place, and you can view the status of each check directly from your ATS or in the Zinc dashboard.

With Zinc, you can put a straightforward and consistent process for your background checks that scale with your hiring needs. You can assign ownership of the process so keeping on top of your checking is painless. Because it’s so easy to manage, you won’t need to think twice about whether you should check a candidate or not; it will simply be a natural stage in your hiring journey. With Zinc, checking candidates is so easy you can ensure you have the information you need to make the right hiring decisions for your team.

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