Streamlining the hiring process through automation

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Charlotte Hall
June 30, 2021
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Most hiring managers will say background screening is important to ensure you’re hiring diligently. But when background checks are time-consuming, and manual and subsequently contribute to an extended time-to-hire, you may start to doubt their value. That is until, you understand the benefits of an automated hiring process. 

Automated hiring processes have the power to streamline operations, eliminate bottlenecks, and ensure the execution of compliant background checks, all of which facilitate a more efficient onboarding experience. By embracing automation in the hiring process, you can significantly reduce your time to hire, remove manual tasks, and enable your staff to reallocate their time to other tasks. 

Discover how automation can transform your hiring process and explore the benefits our customers have experienced since implementing an automated hiring process. 

How automation reduces hiring time

Automation positively impacts every stage of the hiring process. If you're wondering how it can help save you time, effort and resources, you're in the right place. Let's break it down:

Send background checks with the click of a button

Utilising automation transforms background checks from slow and manual, to efficient and intuitive. With third-party providers like Zinc, you can create bespoke check packages that include relevant background checks tailored to each role. You can easily customise reference questions to tailor them to each candidate, from multiple choice to free text questions. All customisations are saved and can be resent with the click of a button. 

Instead of manually gathering and sending documents via email to individual candidates, background checks can be sent off with the click of a button, removing any delays due to staff capacity. Being automated and mobile-friendly means candidates can complete their background checks on the go, from anywhere in the world. They don’t have to dedicate hours to sit down and complete their checks, reducing your check turnaround time.

Allow automation to follow up with candidates

Emailing, calling and texting candidates or referees for outstanding information is one of the most time-consuming tasks within the hiring process. Automation takes away that burden by automatically sending reminders to flag any missing information, without you having to do a thing. Utilising automation can help you transform your turnaround times, changing your reference checks from a turnaround time of 6 days to an average Zinc turnaround time of 1.6 days. 

Through Zinc, we automatically send one email every week, up to five weeks to remind candidates or referees about required actions. While we manage these reminders, you can control what notifications you receive. We keep you updated on all completed candidate checks, any potential roadblocks, or other updates so you’re always kept in the loop without having to seek out this information. Moving away from manual follow-ups helps reduce your time to hire and enables you to get staff onboarded more efficiently.

Average check turnaround times vs Zinc turnaround times

Automated data collection and verification 

Manual background checks require the collection and individual verification of records, qualifications and paperwork. Utilising automation to collect and verify this data results in a quality and thoroughness that is difficult to match manually. 

Third-party providers can access various databases globally, seeking the relevant information in seconds. Verified identity service providers such as Zinc can validate identity documents remotely and efficiently, something that is simply not possible without automation. 

These advanced technologies provide this data at speed whilst maintaining high levels of accuracy, reducing risk of human error. By utilising these technologies in the hiring process, you can remove tedious and time-consuming tasks required from employees and enable them to use their time more effectively.  

Customised candidate reports and data management

A core benefit of an automated hiring process is the ability to streamline your systems. You can integrate your existing HRIS, ATS and background-checking provider so that all candidate updates and information are securely stored and visible directly from your ATS. You no longer need to jump from platform to platform, trying to identify the status of your candidate's checks. 

You can generate custom reports for each candidate and securely download and store candidate information in line with GDPR. Candidates have full transparency over the status of their checks and total data ownership, endorsing a brilliant candidate experience. 

A visual of custom reports that are available with Zinc

The benefits of using automation in the hiring process

We spoke to one of our customers Superscript to hear how implementing software like Zinc has helped them revolutionise their hiring process.  The time saved from implementing Zinc has been the biggest game changer for Superscript. 

Customer testimonial on Zinc

Without the help of automation, many hiring teams are still required to schedule video calls with candidates to verify the documents themselves, leading to a very time-consuming process. 

One of Superscripts' favourite things about using Zinc is the transparency. They find huge value in the clear visibility over when Zinc has contacted the referees provided, and how many times. This may sound like a very small thing but it makes a huge difference. 

We take pride in helping businesses implement an automated hiring process to minimise bottlenecks and accelerate their hiring efforts. Are you ready to streamline your hiring process with automation? Try Zinc today.

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