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Luke Shipley
April 12, 2021
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When hiring remotely you have different things to consider. You have different skills to screen for, like written communication and self-motivation. You face logistical challenges from organising equipment and time zones to coordinate. Background checking is no exception. If you take your domestic background checking process and implement it globally, it may well break.

If you are hiring people in new locations you need to consider the legal requirements in different jurisdictions. There are different required in different countries and regulation in certain industries.There are some checks which are pretty globally consistent. Others will vary from one country to another, they may be more expensive or they may just not be possible. This is due to different laws, different government departments and credit agencies that operate in different countries. Here’s a light touch overview of the background checks:

Background checking in employment law globally is a deep and complex topic. I’d recommend starting with the minimum legal checking requirements for each country. This is most often solely a or If you’re payrolling employees in different locations, it’s becoming more popular to verify someone’s residency through an. With this, you can ensure that someone is still living in their given address and you’re following the right tax laws too. A  is also one of the most common forms of background check, however it’s one of the most invasive too. The price, process and timeframes vary from one country to another. For this check, we’d recommend working with a checking partner or law firm to understand your options.

Communication styles and trust are more important when hiring but in some respects are harder to assess remotely. Aside from background checks, we would recommend the instant messenger (IM) interview. In terms of checks, can be a great source of information from colleagues to understand how to incentivise, motivate and support your new joiners. This give insight into preferred management and communication styles will certainly give your employees the best chance of remote success.

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