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Request a Disclosure and Barring Service criminal record check.
Save 90 mins per employee
DBS checks take days, not weeks
12 ATS and HRIS integrations for free
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Trusted by hundreds of HR and talent teams worldwide

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Global checks for scaling businesses
Our range of checks are perfect for regulated businesses, basic, standard and enhanced DBS checks.
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ID Verify
Right to work
Right to Work
DBS Criminal
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Save 90 minutes
per employee
Turn weeks of manual checks into an automated, one click process. Request checks directly from your ATS.
Screening takes days,
not weeks
Candidates start jobs faster with Zinc. The average check turnaround time is 3 days.
Elevate your candidate's
Applicants rate Zinc 4.8 out of 5. Give candidates an experience that reflects your employer brand.
Lightening fast DBS checks
Start collecting DBS checks in two clicks. Candidates can complete the checks on any device with our secure app. You can check the progress of the checks in real-time.
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The team of 16 recruiters is extremely happy with Zinc. Having these checks done and back within less than 24 hours is amazing.
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Basic, Standard and Enhanced DBS checks
DBS checks are vital for companies looking to ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees, customers, and other vulnerable individuals. At Zinc we offer Basic, Standard, Adult First and Enhanced DBS checks. It's important to carefully consider what check is appropriate for each role.

Loved by the world's leading scale-ups

"I was introduced to Zinc earlier this year and couldn't believe how easy it was to integrate with our ATS and HRIS systems. With a click of a button and we get all the checks we require on a global level."
Nikita Knezovich
Head of People and Talent
"The backend functionality is as good as the front end; using it as a candidate is super straightforward, but as an admin it's even easier!"
Maddie Harris
People Operations Lead
"Zinc is an absolute time saver for our hiring team. With Zinc, our reference checks have a much quicker turnaround as notifications are automatically sent through the system and the app is really easy to use."
Orla McRann
People Team, LoveHolidays
"We implemented Zinc because it saves us so much time. It’s definitely a step up from what we used before. Where possible we want to automate everything and make it easier and we’ve saved hours of time with Zinc."
Fay Pantry
Talent Partner, Capital on Tap
"All the feedback has been positive from our candidates. Zinc's amazing. It all happens very seamlessly and very smoothly, it’s never something I have to worry about. Very happy with Zinc."
Brittany Sims
HR Coordinator, Dext
"Everything has been fantastic. We couldn’t have wished for a smoother integration. It’s actually been the easiest integration we’ve had with Workable - it’s just click a button and go."
Olivia Marsden
Recruitment Lead, AND Digital
"Zinc almost feels too good to be true, it’s so affordable, smart, quick and hassle-free. The app looks really cool and our candidates find it super easy to use."
Sandy Breitmeier
Talent lead, Hellofresh
"Zinc covers all the checks we need, has great customer service, integrates with the tools we use, and the whole system is very slick and easy to use."
Smitha Sanjeev
People & Culture Associate, Thriva
"The change to Zinc as our background check supplier has been a watershed moment. Turnaround times dropped, reporting is more transparent and everything is automated."
Oscar Machado
Head of Talent Acquisition, Photobox
"The support has been outstanding, every minor issue receives prompt attention and we had total support during setup."
Sarah Bernhardt
VP of People

Zinc seamlessly integrates with your HR tools

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