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Comprehensive criminal background checks for peace of mind and informed hiring decisions.
DBS checks completed in days not weeks
Save 90 mins of time per employee
Seamlessly integrate with over 13+ ATS & HRIS's
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Our DBS checks

Basic, standard and enhanced DBS checks

Choose the right DBS check to match your hiring needs. With results for all types of DBS checks being returned in days not weeks, reduce your overall hiring time by automating your background checks.

Our checks

12+ global background checks

Complete DBS checks alongside our 12+ global background checks available. Covering more than 200 countries globally, with our custom-made packages, you can send tailored background checks to specific job roles with the click of a button.

Secure, compliant & Reliable

ISO27001 certified and GDPR compliant

Safeguard your business and your clients' data by choosing a background check provider that takes data security seriously. Use our globally secure SSO for safe downloads, passwords, or email attachments.

Loved by the worlds leading businesses

“For me, the impact is just knowing that the checks are done, the DBS comes in a very nice format and I can easily see that we've got the references we need. It's the peace of mind that we've done those checks, they are solid and we know we're hiring the right people.”

Alex Pazik

Safeguarding manager

“Having the process automated is great, it has reduced the time I am spending in the process. DBS checks are coming back in a matter of days means we have not had any issues with start dates as a result.”

Dominika Mielniczek

People Team Associate

“It’s working fantastically. The time saving element, which is one of the reasons we chose Zinc, has been excellent so far and the team have found it easy to use.”

Gareth Bowley

Recruitment Manager

“We click on Zinc, the UX is easy. It's very intuitive. It's 3 clicks, and you're done. This was really important to us from not only the customer side but also from the admin side as we’re the ones who have to use it daily. I don't want to go through a 10-click process to do something as simple as sending a reference.”

Mike Cole

People operations & Experience Lead

“Zinc is coming up with new ways to improve the experience such as allowing the HMRC check to be able to be completed alongside regulatory references, a game changer when ensuring that a candidate's work history is accounted for. All in all, a great experience so far!”

Claire Jackson

Compliance Coordinator

"Everything is going really well as always, me and the team absolutely love Zinc. It has made our process and lives so much easier!"

Kaylee Sita

People and Talent Associate

“Being FCA regulated we have no room for error with our checks. Zinc is our go-to for DBS & RTW checks with lightning fast turn-around times, zero admin, and maintaining a best in class candidate experience”

Smitha Sanjeev

People Operations

“The time the team is now saving using Zinc is really incredible which has allowed us to focus on our day to day job. The platform itself is super easy to use, it has really improved our process and no longer having to do manual chases. Turnaround times are now just days vs waiting months before we started working with Zinc”

Jennifer Bass

HR Team Leader

Zinc integrates with 14+ HR tools

Create a seamless workflow for your HR team with one-click check requests that save time and provide the insights you need in one place.