Financial services in 2024: background checks in a regulated world

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The 2024 hiring landscape within financial services is set to undergo significant regulatory change with new DORA regulation coming into play from 2025. To help you navigate these changes and future-proof your processes, we’re giving you a preview of what HR professionals operating in financial services should be addressing in 2024 to stay compliant in this impending new age of regulation.

Access business-critical insights on what you must do to strategise for incoming DORA regulation and maintaining GDPR compliance amongst regulatory changes. We dive into the pivotal role of background checks in highly regulated industries and help equip you with everything you need to conquer the complexities of HR regulation changes in 2024.

Insights from
Hamraj Gulamali
Legal Counsel
Tom Kingston
Head of UK Compliance
Capital on Tap

What you'll get:

Background checking in the age of data security
Discover the increasing importance of having extensive yet secure background checks conducted on all prospective employees in highly-regulated industries. Learn how the importance of data security will become more rigorously monitored in the digital age.

Get ahead of the compliance curve
Access business-critical insights on what you must do in 2024 to strategize for incoming regulations such as DORA, and maintain GDPR compliance by conducting & acting on extensive gap analysis to address areas of non-compliance.

Comparing DORA & GDPR
Our experts will compare and contrast the ongoing impact of GDPR regulation with the prospective impact of DORA becoming pervasive at a daily operational level for HR professionals in the Financial Services industry.