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David Hayes
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We’re excited to bring Zinc’s automated referencing toolkit to Comeet users where you’ll be able to share rich candidate insights with your colleagues while ensuring your reference checks remain GDPR compliant. 

Comeet is an ATS that’s collaborative by design. Created with your whole team in mind, not just recruiters, it encourages more people to get involved with the whole hiring process. It’s for this reason that it’s chosen by many forward-thinking companies and rising stars of today. 

“Comeet’s collaborative values align with our perspective on hiring. Zinc’s technology empowers candidates and hiring teams with data. We don’t want referencing to continue to be this part of the process which happens in isolation. Our integration can help you rejuvenate your referencing through clean transparent data to everybody in the hiring team.” Luke Shipley, CEO, Zinc

If transparency, openness and accountability are part of your employer brand, this integration is for you. Complete your talent acquisition suite with Zinc’s automated, qualitative reference checks, today. 

Fully customisable reference checks

Whether you’re interested in culture fit or the candidate’s suitability for remote work, Zinc can generate expert-written question sets that you can completely customise. With our new reference question editor, you can design your reference checks to elicit precisely the information that matters to your company. 

Zinc’s Comeet integration gives you complete control over when you reference candidates, how many references to collect and what questions to ask, including a range of question types such as multiple-choice, likert scale or yes/no.  

Seamless integration

Once you’ve set up the integration, there is no delay—you can start using Zinc instantly. 

Add Zinc to the stage where you want to conduct your reference checks and when you progress your candidate to that stage, Zinc will do the hard work for you. No more chasing up candidates or referees. Receive deep work insights, without the hassle.

Excellent candidate experience

Zinc is no ordinary reference checking service. Using Zinc in Comeet, you will instantly enhance your candidate experience, transforming reference checks from a source of stress to a point of delight in your hiring process. Zinc is fully optimised, so candidates and referees can easily complete their reference checks whether they are at home or on the move, on any device.

Your candidates will be gifted with their references in a unique shareable profile. This means they can control who sees their references and reuse them throughout the rest of their career. 

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about future integrations, get in contact at hello@zincwork.com. We’d love to hear from you.

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