Zinc launches a new partnership with Teamtailor

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Teamtailor is a recruitment suite that combines applicant tracking, career site and analytics dashboard, helping recruiters and HR managers to hire the right people for the team. We’re particularly proud to launch this integration as it offers the most comprehensive functionality of Zinc directly in Teamtailor.

Zinc’s Technical Lead, Sanjeev Ponnapula says, “The functionality of Teamtailor has allowed us to produce our best integration yet. Pairing Teamtailor with Zinc means recruiters can have a tailored, flexible referencing solution as Zinc’s integration fits around your requirements”.

"We're excited to start this partnership with Zinc. The integration will allow our clients to work seamlessly through their entire recruiting process and maintain their candidate experience in a smooth manner." Fredrik Mellander, Head of Partnerships, Teamtailor

Save time

Complete your talent acquisition suite with Zinc’s automated, qualitative reference checks. Zinc’s integration gives you complete control over when you reference candidates and what questions to ask. Once you’re set up, you’ll be able to take advantage of the in-depth insights and send requests at the click of a button. We do all of the chasing, so you can receive deep work insights, without the hassle.

Customisable and seamless

We’ve created four different reference types: culture-add, employment verification, competency and remote worker. You can choose from one of these and then change or add questions to your set. Multiple question sets can be saved to your account so you can personalise each set to the requirements of the different roles for which you’re hiring. 

Once you’ve generated and customised your default question sets from the Zinc dashboard, the integration is seamless. Teamtailor makes it easy to drag and drop Zinc’s automated reference check to any stage of your hiring process and choose from one of your predetermined question sets.

When you progress your candidate to the stage where you want to reference, Zinc’s automated reference check will be triggered. The candidate’s contact information is taken from Teamtailor and automated messages will be sent to your candidate and their referees. All you need to do is wait for those references to come back to you.

Excellent candidate experience

Zinc is not only convenient for recruiters; it also delivers a positive candidate experience. Zinc’s intuitive UI can be used on any device making it simple for candidates to submit referee details and easy for referees to respond to your bespoke questions. 

Using Zinc means that you will be able to gift candidates with their references that they can view, own and reuse throughout the rest of their career. Unlike traditional references that are often conducted with emails and PDF attachments, Zinc references are stored securely so your reference checks will be fully GDPR compliant and candidates can truly control their personal data. 

Flexible and built to scale

Zinc’s system is scalable and will grow with your hiring needs so you can put a consistent process in place ensuring diligence across all roles. Equally, if you are doing more or less hiring one month, you can pause or change your plan at any time. 

See for yourself how simple integrating Zinc with Teamtailor can be in this short how-to video.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about future integrations, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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