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Charlotte Hall
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We recently integrated with Lever, and although we have had endless conversations and disagreements at Zinc on how to pronounce Lever. One thing we all agree on is that it already has some awesome integrations, that we’ll reveal in this blog. Here are 5 Lever integrations we think are worth a look!

Referrals - via your employee networks


There is plenty of data to show the power of individual networks and how tapping into them can exponentially grow your referrals and direct hires. So we love the fact Drafted has a matching algorithm which has mapped over 40k jobs, so those referring can be empowered with their own social contacts data.

Drafted helps you tap into the full potential of your company network to source, qualify, and hire the right candidates. Source candidates through your network and start receiving higher quality employee referrals with Drafted's smart candidate matching. Fill your candidate pipeline with quality referrals.

Sourcing - candidate data engine


A huge wealth of candidate data to supercharge your recruitment teams sourcing capability. Once you show it what you want, the AI steps in and does the heavy lifting for you, whilst also giving you powerful data for when you need to have those tricky conversations with hiring managers. 

Hiretual the candidate data engine for all of your recruiting efforts. Integrate with your tech stack to centralise talent management - source across 750M+ profiles, build personalised engagement campaigns, and actively rediscover lost profiles in your ATS. Jan 26th sees a new product innovation launch from Hiretual. So now would be a great time to check out what it has to offer. 

Assessments - remote tech hiring, everywhere


As a tech start up we know how hard it is to find great talent that meets the needs of our organisation. We also know a candidate needs to be challenged by what we have to offer. This is why ensuring the applicant has a chance to be tested in a mutually beneficial way is a no brainer, and in the new remote world we live in, we need all the relevant tools available to us, to make the most informed and data driven decisions.

Codility is an evidence-based platform that helps hiring teams predict the real-life skills of their candidates, at scale. This brings faster hiring, time savings, and gives engineers more time to solve problems that matter. That’s why Slack, Microsoft and Tesla are using us already.

Codility - Top 5 Lever integrations

Onboarding - Experience-driven platform


We keep coming back to Enboarder here at Zinc. We love its well designed, optimised, and modern platform. From what we’ve seen and heard, it’s cool to use from both sides, helping improve candidate experience and keeping hiring managers engaged with their new superstar employees.

Enboarder - Top 5 Lever integrations

Enboarder is the first Experience-Driven Onboarding platform and is the new way businesses onboard. Our platform emphasizes the value of human connection and experience, putting the employee at the centre of everything we do.

Talent Analytics - data driven recruitment

Lever Talent Intelligence powered by Tableau

This is one of Lever’s own, but with Tableau boosters on it. After all, what is a modern talent acquisition function without usable data. You may as well have a bottomless wheelbarrow.! But it’s not just about getting valuable insights and intelligence, it’s what you do with it that matters. Switch it on, but have a plan! The key giveaway word here is ‘intelligence’.

Tableau - Top 5 Lever integrations

Lever Talent Intelligence empowers every user to share meaningful insights and elevate the conversation around. By encouraging engagement in data-driven recruiting, you’ll be able to take tangible steps towards improving talent acquisition performance within your organisation.

Advertising - The world’s largest startup community


So this is where we advertise our jobs. It's not going to be right for every organisation, however, we feel it deserves a mention because it’s mission is at the heart of who we are and what we do at Zinc. We are after all a fast-growth innovative technology-first company, who creatively solve and resolve those legally liable admin tasks that nobody wants to do.  

AngelList - Top 5 Lever integration

AngelList is a platform for startup fundraising and hiring. Directly connect with high-quality, active candidates for free by creating a company profile, post your open jobs, and set your talent filers to quickly find and match potential applicants.

Zinc -  Automated reference and background checking.

That’s us by the way, just in case you hadn’t realised where you’d landed or the subtle (or not so subtle) fact that I’ve shoehorned our name in several times.

But seriously we love what we do and believe in the importance of using technology to kill mundane tasks that matter.

If you need to implement background checking for the first time that’s automated in Lever, we can help.

So what do you think of our five recommendations?

Do you have some better suggestions or want to shout out as a customer of these integrations and say how awesome they are?

What integrations will you be switching on this year...

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