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Why is referencing broken? The practice hasn’t evolved since the dark ages, when Fred Flintstone landed his first stonemason apprenticeship. Aside from referencing technique, a simple place to start is asking better questions. There are countless studies into interview questions. This has translated to iterations of advancements in interview questioning. But we revert to the dark ages when it comes to referencing. We ask impossible, loaded, closed questions like “Would you rehire?”, “How many sick days did they have?” or “Did they have any disciplinaries?”.

Is it any wonder we get reference refusals, useless date checks and biased information with this primitive line of questioning?

“Ask the right questions if you’re going to find the right answers.” — Vanessa Redgrave

Zinc have been studying referencing for some time. Our platform offers an automated ‘’ tool.

We’re open sourcing a culture-add reference question generator – Janice. The aim is to encourage better questioning in referencing and inspire new ideas for information to extract. In order to try and better referencing for all.

Click here to bespoke to your business to screen applicants for culture-fit.


Janice, the reference question juicer. By Jonathan Trancozo

For more information on reference checks and best practices, read Zinc's . You can also read our blog on ''

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